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#28 - icon coloring tutorial

Program: PS CS3
Steps: 8
Difficulty: Easy (using Curves, Levels and adding textures)
PSD: Sure, just ask.**

This one is my very first tutorial. So please be nice. :D

Step 01

Choose a screencap, crop and resize.

I choose this screencap, made by marishna


Step 02
Duplicate your layer, set it to screen, 70%

See, how the icon brightens up? I always do it like this, it's better to work with that than the darker base.


Step 03
Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Curves

Input: 193
Output: 126

I know, I know. It's darker now. But that's how it should be. Curves are good to deepen the icon. At least that what I use them for.


Step 04
Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Levels

0 – 1,00 – 218

And this layer brightens the icon up, again. (:


Step 05
Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Brightness/Contrast

Brightness: +58
Contrast: -19

And now it's even brighter and it's still deepened. But do you see the heaven? We definitly need a blue texture. Because I wanted the heaven to be a great blueish heaven.


Step 06
Open the texture and add it to your icon. Make sure it's above all the other layers! Erase the part of the texture which deranges the icon.

Set it to: Darker Color, 64%

I used this texture by discolore


Step 07
Open another texture and put it over the texture before. To add some light points.

Set it to: Lighter Color, 45%

I used this texture by bamboofan @ deviantart


Step 08
Make a new layer from all the layers before. (alt + ctrl + shift + e), sharpen it and play with the opacity until you like it. (I set it to 60%)


And now you're finished! :D

Remember to play with the settings and stuff. It will always look different, cause every screencap/image is different. (:

Since I'll screen all my comments with the link for the d/l you should be sure to have your email notification turned on.
Tags: program: ps cs3, tutorial: icon coloring, tv show: supernatural
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